WIP: One again, off again – the grid

People how know me know that I tend to be kind of difficult to communicate with online due to an off again, on again kind of relationship with most major services, as well as the grid in general, so I will like to try to once and for all justify my stance, and if you end up agreeing with me, give a guide to how I have gotten to the point that I am at right now

So why do I want to get off the grid? I got nothing to hide do I?

Well to start with the last part, the nothing to hide. I do. And so do you. And so does everyone else. The thing is that thing does not have to be illigal for it being something you would want to hide.
Lets take an example: Lets say I was singing in the shower (which i most definatly do not). Lets say that I did not have the voice of an angel (which i most definatly do).
Well that would be an example of a thing that I may want to hide, but which are not illegal, and does not hurt anybody (Except maybe a neighbour or two). We all have an extremely long list on non-malicious things, which we for one reason or the other do not want everyone to know.

…TODO: Something about behavior ajustments and information searches going down

As for the first part, “getting of the grid”. Well that is by no means the target. The grid is (usually) awesome. What I want is to know to which degree I am “on the grid”. Like in real life, I know when I commute out in public that I have to follow a set of social norms, but I also want a world where, when I get home and close the door, I know I am in private. I can do a lot of the things, that would be highly unacceptable at a public place. The same when I am talking at home with friends, I want to know that we can talk about everything, including topics, which if said in public without context and knowing our humor, would turn some heads.

So these are the main reasons behind my more selective approce to online services (Yes, I have overused the term “grid” so much now, so I will not be using it again, I promise).


So what are my approach to services, hardware and everything in between. Well in theory it is quite simple; I want to be in control.
What are the easiest way to be in control? open source. I use a few propiatory apps and services, but for the majority I am using open source versions.

TODO: Lineage with microG on OnePlus 5T (not on certificate spoofing)

Facebook Chat: conversations.im, zom.im + OpenFire

Email TODO: So here I have not gone completly open source, but instead switched to https://protonmail.com

Play Store: Yalp Store, F-Droid
Chrome: Firefox, DuckDuckGo
SMS: Silence
Podcasts: AntennaPod
Gallery: CameraRol
Google Contacts/Calendar: DAVdroid + Nextcloud
Twitter: Mastalab + Mastodon
Dropbox: Nextcloud
Lastpass: Keepass2Android + Nextcloud
YouTube: NewPipe
Camera: Open Camera
Passbook: PassAndroid
Google Maps: OsmAnd + Transportr
Twilight: Red Moon
Reddit: RedReader
Feedly: Flym
Adobe Reader: DocumentViewer
Google Keyboard: Hacker’s Keyboard
Philips Hue: LampShade
Google Authenticator: Yubico Authenticator
-: OpenKeychain
-: EDS Lite

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